Tvilum a forerunner in implementing Robotic Process Automation 

Tvilum is one of the forerunners in the furniture industry in implementing Robotic Process Automation across its processes. When we set out on our RPA journey back in 2018, we were merely scraping the surface of what would eventually become an integral tool in our everyday operations. 

Today, our robots at Tvilum are irreplaceble when it comes to performing repetitive and routine tasks otherwise deemed too time-consuming and resource-heavy for them to be done by humans. They make fewer mistakes, if any, and can be relied on 24/7. 

Since the start of the implementation of RPA, the benefits of using RPA in repetitive processes has been quickly realized within the organization and by the end of 2020, our robots worked for over 2000 hours per month. That number has since then grown significantly and we currently „employ“ over 50 robots across most of our areas of operation. Robots workers can be found in processes from order entry and invoicing to production control and maintenance. 

Accoring to Jacob Bonde Larsen, Head of RPA: „Our robots do the job that is equivalent to around 15 people and even more importantly - the work they do it typically work that our people find boring and tedious.” 

Lisbeth Torp, Manager of Internal Sales and Shipping, one of our most active internal customers for RPA adds: „Within my area of responsibility, we have seen great improvement in the efficiency of our internal processes after implementing RPA. We also see great potential for further expansion, especially when growing our ecom business.“