Our first ever ESG report is published 

Today, Tvilum is proud to publish its first ever ESG report. Our ESG report highlights our approach towards building a sustainable future through focusing our attention on what Tvilum as a company can do in terms of improving our footprint in Environmental, Social and Governance issues.  

With respect for people and the planet, our ESG strategy highlights Tvilums general approach as well as specific actions Tvilum is taking to contribute to tackling some of the challenges our world faces today in areas such as climate change, sustainable use of resources and equal opportunity. 

Tvilums operations inevitably have an impact on the climate, nature as well as our local environment. Being a responsible citizen of the communities Tvilum operates in we strive towards minimizing any negative effects that arise from our own or our value chains actions. 

Torben Porsholdt: 

“I am proud and thankful to the entire organization that has taken upon itself the difficult task of mapping out and executing on our possibilities of contributing to a more sustainable future. I am equally proud that we have built a solid action plan for reaching the ambitious goals put forward in our ESG strategy. This report focuses on the year 2020, which was the first year where we took a systematic approach to ESG issues. Looking at the results from 2020, I am positive that we are able to do so much more. 

This ESG report is not the end-result of our efforts - it is just the beginning. From now on, issues and actions highlighted in the report will be followed up on regularly and the results and progress will be reported in future ESG reports.” 

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