Our services

Furniture from Tvilum is offered worldwide - and can be purchased by dealers via our e-shop. We have local sales managers to handle, among others, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA and Asians. Centrally in Denmark, our sales support service sales in various languages together with our sales department, which in addition to Denmark services Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Distribution from Denmark to the whole world

Tvilum offers distribution of goods from warehouses in Denmark, the USA and Canada, respectively. In North America, we have a local sales office in Chicago, from which we service our US customers, as well as distribution warehouses in South Boston, VA, Los Angeles, CA and Toronto, Canada.

With our main warehouse in the middle of Denmark, we can get trucks on the roads with goods to all European countries very quickly. To all other markets, we typically ship full containers from Denmark via the sea

Repackaging and delivery to consumers

Every hour around the clock, we load more than 1000 boxes of furniture, which turns into more than 7 million boxes of furniture a year. We have extensive experience with handling both whole pallets and general cargo - and offer different types of packaging that can handle the requirements for modern delivery methods to stores or directly home to end customers.

In general, we provide several solutions when it comes to repackaging, to give our dealers (and e-retailers) good service and the opportunity to deliver directly to end customers. This means, among other things, that we offer to wrap our furniture with extra strong corners and protective film, so that they can be delivered safely to end customers, and, if desired, put individual and customized labels on the packaging.

Focus on E-commerce

In the US market, we have extensive experience with sales to e-retailers, but we also have good experience with online sales in many European countries.
E-commerce is a focus area at Tvilum, which we put a lot of effort into developing and being at the forefront of. We have therefore set up an e-commerce department with the task of maintaining and expanding the service to the growing group of retailers who demand our furniture for sale online.
If you have questions regarding the services that Tvilum offers, you are welcome to send us an email at sales@tvilum.com

Good quality at reasonable prices 

Tvilum’s expertise lies in producing quality furniture at attractive prices. Tvilum has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of panel furniture and today has the professional production conditions needed to be competitive on price. We also have a strong focus on development and optimization of both production and design: we always match international standards and the current needs of end users. Great design at all costs to meet the needs of several customer segments, Tvilum produces furniture in different design styles and price categories. We strive to always have a very solid core range that is durable for many years and is not so easily affected by short-term trends. This core range is maintained by introducing modern colors and additional features that underpin the product life of this furniture. In addition, we regularly launch products that match current trends and tendencies. These pieces of furniture work well for some years, after which they are replaced by other modern furniture. This means that we keep up with the times and can always offer products that match different needs.

Tvilum’s Logistics Department

Tvilum has built up many experiences with logistics over many years. This means that today we are able to handle the large flow that is both to and from the company. At Tvilum's logistics department, we are used to constantly implementing new ideas/processes and thinking in new and better logistical paths to live up to the service we provide.

As soon as one truck is driven from the gate, the next backs in. Every day we load about 70 trucks full of furniture. Some trucks continue on the roads all the way through Europe, while others drive to a port to send full containers off to sea.

Main warehouse in Denmark

In Fårvang, together with our main administration and largest factory, we have a huge storage capacity that is filled with our furniture. Our skilled planning team organizes our production so that the goods we expect to be in stock are in stock when needed.
Tvilum's furniture distribution has extensive experience in handling both whole pallets and general cargo. Our logistics department never stands still and every hour of the day and year we load more than 1.000 boxes of furniture.

Repackaging and delivery to consumers

Our furniture distribution in South Boston, Virginia has years of experience in repackaging our furniture, so that the packaging meets today's requirements, which makes the packaging very tough. The packaging, which meets the ISTA3 requirements, makes our furniture extremely suitable for distribution with delivery companies.
Tvilum's furniture distribution in Denmark also has experience with repackaging our furniture, and can provide several solutions. Together with our customers, we’ll always find a sensible solution.

When we offer to repack our already well-packaged furniture, it is because we want to offer our customers the opportunity to deliver furniture directly to the consumer. Delivery to end consumers with delivery companies exposes packages to a completely different impact than pallet freight to furniture stores, and therefore this service is especially sought after.

Tvilums store service

Good service is a core area at Tvilum as well as quality for the price and consideration for the environment. This means, among other things, that the delivery time is short, as we stock most of our goods, in order to be able to ship the goods immediately after ordering.

Opportunity for additional sales via our online services

Each retailer gets their own log in to Tvilum's online e-shop, where they can make orders, make claims, see their order history, etc. Furniture dealers can also be connected to EDI, based on an individual agreement and dependent on purchasing a certain volume annually.

Service for E-traders

We offer e-retailers full online service. E-retailers with ongoing and comprehensive orders can be connected to EDI, and run all invoices, orders and order confirmation through this. Tvilum offers a complete package that includes product data, various images and the possibility of fast distribution, including repackaging.

Product data

Tvilum's furniture is packed in flat cardboard boxes, as it is self-assembly furniture. Weight, size, number of cardboard boxes per. furniture, colour, serial name and assembly instructions are part of our standard product data, which we provide electronically and automatically.
Through the use of Perfion as a PIM system, we are able to present a very large amount of product data to each and every one of our products. This data is available on the website.

Image material

Tvilum's Media Portal contains both single images and various environmental layouts. As an e-retailer, you have the opportunity to download images from our Media Portal yourself, but we also offer to provide images as a complete extract. We currently have over 22.000 images on our Media Portal.