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Terms and conditions for receiving tvilumTODAY and other communications from Tvilum A/S (”Tvilum”)


a. Relevant professionals, such as furniture retailers and others with professional interest in this, like journalists, can receive Tvilum’s inspiration and newsletter tvilumTODAY and other communications from Tvilum.

b. If you have any doubt whether you belong to the right recipient group please contact

, who can advise you about this. Tvilum decide arbitrarily whether you can receive tvilumTODAY and reserves the right to suspend the transmission thereof.

Consent of receiving tvilumTODAY and other communications

a. By accepting to receive tvilumTODAY you also consent that Tvilum is allowed to contact you by phone, mail and/or by any other electronic way of contact.

b. Tvilum might contact you with information about new or improved products, inspiration about furnishing, colours and more, invitations to visit our showroom in Faarvang or at fairs, surveys, news from Tvilum, special offers, other services and more, like details that are special about our products and services.

c. Contact to you may take form of tvilumTODAY, but can also be individual request.

d. As recipient of tvilumTODAY Tvilum can send you offers, invitations and other proposals that you will not have the opportunity to receive in any other way unless you register as recipient of tvilumTODAY.

e. Tvilum accept no liability for any misprints in tvilumTODAY and other communications to you.

f. Receiving of tvilumTODAY is free of charge and you can at any time unsubscribe as recipient.

Other terms and conditions

a. Tvilum does not pass on information you have provided us with in connection with this consent to any third party. You might also want to read our privacy policy.

b. As recipient of tvilumTODAY it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the terms described on this page. You can always see the most recently updated terms and conditions, which can be found at

c. Tvilum reserves the right to modify these terms without notice.

d. If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions please contact