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Respect for humans and nature

Effective production


Tvilum boasts one of the world’s most modern robot-controlled production facilities to ensure high quality and cost efficiency. Tvilum is a global furniture supplier and therefore has high volumes that offer considerable economies of scale and competitive prices for our retail partners and, at the end of the day, the consumer.


Good quality and functional design


Tvilum uses solid materials in its production, guaranteeing furniture that lasts. The products are designed according to the understanding that we and our partners have of the daily lives of consumers. The products are continually tested in our hightech testing laboratory to ensure lasting durability. We also collaborate with wellknown international designers to ensure that our products are attractive to the various local markets.

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Customer service and education

We want to be available to our partners, to solve the challenges that inevitably arise when working together. Our key account function ensures large customers a single point of contact and a complete overview. Our sales offices can be contacted for practical questions, while we offer a range of services on-line, for example instruction videos.

Fast and safe delivery


We know how important it is that the product is in stock in the shop when consumers want it. We take pride in meeting our promises and we value punctuality and reliability. In 2011, Tvilum supplied 10 million boxes of furniture from our distribution warehouses in Denmark, the UK and the USA.


Business service to sales process


Tvilum supplies more than just a product. We want to support the entire sales process right up until the consumer is ready to make his or her choice. We are therefore continually offering a number of new off and on-line sales and marketing tools to our retail partners to support the sales process and increase the commercial effect of the products in the shop.