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Tvilum has over 500 employees in Denmark, working at factories in Kjellerup and Fårvang in central Jutland, and at the head office in Fårvang, between Aarhus and Viborg.

We have a strong focus on maintaining a healthy working environment, and have an active and dedicated safety organisation. All of our factories are classified as Level 1 by the Danish Working Environment Authority (the best category), among companies with an active focus on the working environment.


In production, Tvilum needs extra workers in the following groups:

  • Unskilled workers may apply for jobs in packing, etc. These require no formal professional skills, but certain tasks in production may be physically demanding
  • Semi-skilled workers with at least six months' work experience as an operator may apply for jobs as a machine operator, etc. Other experience with production machinery, and experience or knowledge of the timber industry also counts in this category
  • Skilled workers (such as machine joiners) and people who  have experience with a specific work area or machine have additional opportunities for matching various jobs in our production
  • Specialists, such as tradesmen, electricians, plumbers and others with special knowledge, are attractive candidates for several positions in our production. 


We offer people in all skills categories jobs in our machine department, packing department and large warehouses. Tvilum also offers opportunities for working either day or evening shifts – and some factories also have night and weekend shifts.


We train machine joiners and production workers within the timber and furniture industry in cooperation with Skive Technical College. In connection with production, there are many jobs available within technology, planning, procurement, supervision etc.

If you are interested in becoming part of an exciting workplace, with a high level of job satisfaction, a canteen and a massage scheme, and opportunities for development, please, fill out this form to apply for a job in one of Tvilum's production areas.


In the area of administration, primarily located in our head office in Fårvang, there are generally job opportunities in areas of:

  • sales and marketing
  • project management
  • product development
  • finance and administration
  • IT
  • logistics
  • purchasing and sourcing

If you wish to apply for a position in Tvilum's administration, please fill out this form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In accordance with our set of rules for Processing of Personal Data in the recruitment process we treat personal information with great confidentiality.


If you can see yourself as an employee in an international furniture company with production and headquarters in Denmark, you are very welcome to send an application and your CV. Apply for a job in production/warehouses here. Apply for a job in the administration here.

We look forward to hearing from you.