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Tvilum Logistics

Through more than 45 years Tvilum has gained experiences with logistics. Due to this we are very successful in handling the large flow to and from our company. At Tvilum our logistics department is used to develop and implement new and improved workflows in order to deliver the high level of service within the logistics area as we demand of ourselves.

As soon as one truck has left our address a new one reverse to the gate. Every day we load about 70 trucks full of furniture. Some trucks continue on the roads to all of Europe while other trucks drive full containers to a harbor nearby to ship the furniture overseas.

Main warehouse in Denmark

In Faarvang, next to our administration and largest factory, we have our main warehouse with a huge capacity. Our planning team prepares our production in a way our high runners are in stock when needed. 

Tvilum Furniture Distribution has a large experience in handling full pallets and part loads. Tvilum’s logistics department is never silent. Every hour every day the year abound we load 1250 boxes with furniture. In 2011 we loaded 441.646 m2 onto trucks or in containers – that’s more than 10 million boxes.

Local warehouses

To provide better service to our customers we have a local warehouse in South Boston, USA. At this warehouse we keep furniture for USA and Canada in stock. In South Boston you also find our American sales office.

The South Boston Warehouse deliver furniture to the markets in USA and Canada on a daily basis and the sales office has great experience with e-tailers.

Tvilum is continuously considering the establishment of local warehouses in more countries in order to deliver the best service to our customers.  

Re-wrapping and Direct Home Delivery

The furniture distribution in South Boston, USA, has lasting experience in re-wrapping our furniture in a way so the packing meets the ISTA3 standards that makes the packing very resistant. The re-wrapping is very useful when it comes to Direct Home Delivery with carriers.

Tvilums Furniture Distribution in Faarvang, Denmark is experienced in re-wrapping our furniture as well, and from here we are able to deliver different solutions. With our customers we always find a sensible solution.

We offer re-wrapping of our packing in order to assist our customer in handling direct consumer delivery at their home. Direct Home Delivery requires stronger packaging that than delivery to stores on trucks, and this service is especially popular among our e-tail customers.

We also offer customized labeling on the outside of the boxes, which we are very experienced in.