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About us

Tvilum is one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies of ready to assemble furniture at a fair price. It is the kind of furniture that you find in flat packed cardboard boxes and have to assemble with screws, dowels and glue at the floor in your home. Tvilum manufactures a wide range of furniture from desks to wardrobes over children’s furniture.

At Tvilum we have an absolute requirement in everything we do: Respect for nature and people is a must to Tvilum. This is why we produce environmentally friendly furniture that is healthy and safe for you and for all of our 1000 employees. We want to be a responsible company that cares about people and our world, and therefore we are a member of UN Global Compact, which you can read more about here.

Worldwide foresight

We are a Danish company that is based in a little village called Faarvang in the western Denmark. From here we send many trucks loaded with furniture on the roads every day with destination, The whole world. Yearly Tvilum manufactures and sends eight million pieces of furniture – that’s approximately 200.000 pieces a week. We are proud of this fact – just like we’re proud of the fact that, in every home in our home country, Denmark, there is five pieces of Tvilum-furniture.

At Tvilum we want progress – as a company and in the range of our furniture. Therefore we have more than 20 employees, who spend their days developing our products in order to make sure that our product range follows the world’s trends and tendencies. This means that we have some furniture in our assortment that we are not producing ourselves. Today we can deliver chairs and lights, which can be used with our furniture.

Tvilum – merger on Danish hands

Tvilum is a merge of several furniture manufacturing companies. Most recently Tvilum and Scanbirk merged under the name Tvilum-Scanbirk – this was back in 1997. In 2011 the company changed its name to Tvilum. For many years the company has been family owned, but since 2000 Tvilum-Scanbirk, and later Tvilum has been a part of the American Masco Corporation. In 2013 Tvilum was bought by American Revolution Capital Group. In 2018, Tvilum was acquired by a Danish investor group consisting of Viking Trading ApS, Kristiansen Properties and CEO Torben Porsholdt.

You can read more about our history here