Inspired by Alta [a’lta], the northernmost city in Norway, Tvilum presents a new living collection consisting of a 2 Door and 3 Drawer Sideboard, a 2 Door and 2 Drawer Sideboard, a 2 Door China Cabinet and a 4 Door and 2 Drawer Cabinet. For the dining room setting, a Dining Table completes the series.

Alta, home to the northern lights, reindeer and the midnight sun have influenced the design of Alta. The deep, dark of wintertime and the 24 hour daylight against the backdrop of great forests inspired the matte black and white finishes, supplemented with a wooden underframe on angled legs.

All cabinets have ample storage space for your cutlery, tableware, candles and bar necessities, and are provided with pigeon hole handles for easy quick access.

The Alta collection is produced in easy-to-clean, fade-resistant foil.