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Our general services

Furniture from Tvilum is sold in stores around the world – and can be purchased by dealers via our e-shop. We currently have local salespeople and agents in France, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Canada and USA. At our headquarters in Denmark, our sales support service manages sales in various languages in collaboration with our sales department, which in addition to Denmark services Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.


Tvilum offers distribution of goods from warehouses in Denmark, UK & USA. In USA we have a sales office in Chicago and we have distribution centers in South Boston, VA and Los Angeles, CA from which we supply our American customers.

The advantage of having a local warehouse in USA is that our dealers do not have to worry about customs, and can expect quick delivery on items in strong demand. We also offer dealers the option of purchasing entire container loads from Denmark through our distribution centre in USA. This is an advantage for large furniture businesses or online businesses which are trading large volumes.

With our primary warehouse centrally located in Denmark, we can quickly deliver products to all the European countries by truck. To all other markets we generally ship full containers from Denmark by sea.

Our warehouse in Great Britain maintains an inventory for a selection of our products which are very popular in the British markets. We also ship many products to Great Britain from our main warehouse in Denmark.


We load around 1250 boxes containing furniture every hour, 24-hours a day, corresponding to 10 million boxes of furniture each year. We have extensive experience with handling whole pallets and individual items – and in USA we repack so the packaging fulfils the ISTA3 requirements, which make it very durable.

We generally offer various repacking solutions in order to give our dealers and e-dealers good service and the opportunity to deliver directly to end customers. For example, we offer to package our furniture items with extra heavy duty corners and protective film, so they can be safely delivered by freight to end customers. We can also affix individual and customer specific labels to the packaging if desired.

FOCUS ON E-commerce

We have experience with sales to e-tailers, particularly on the US market, but we also have good experience with online sales in Great Britain and Germany.

E-commerce is a focus area for Tvilum, and we are making a major effort to develop and keep up to date in this area. We have therefore set up an e-commerce department, responsible for maintaining and extending the service towards a growing group of dealers, who seek our furniture for sale on the Net.

If you have any questions about the services Tvilum offers, you are very welcome to send an email to